Tuesday, December 1, 2009

As Good As New! MY FOOT!

Again, I ask my self the question why would anyone opt to have surgery, cosmetic anyway...okay some surgeries can't be passed by...and some are life saving... but you are never 100% your self again...

Tiny aches and pains... things not fully functioning correctly... people take a chance everytime they go under the knife.. especailly for cosmetic stuff that it will turn out right... and if it doesn't well forget trying to correct it... because there is no chance of that...!

Just like a car... after it's new once maintenace is done... there always seems to be some other problem...or it could just be human error...Just because you have something done... doesn't mean you will come out good as new...in fact hardly ever... my Doctor said and I quote " After surgery things are not quite they same are they"...

Ha I guess not...and yet people still take chances anyway, on a gamble for perfection... I guess what I am trying to say is... unless you absolutely need it... and or it's a life saving surgery... don't take the risk... cause you are never 100% and you are never, ever as good as new!

Just asked my fused muscle that's attached to my (fake) boobie that I now have to get therapy on to loosen up!  Damn inplant!


  1. You mean you can't dance the fused muscle loose?I've seen you dance several times so if anyone can make it possible, you can :-)

  2. everything will all gel! no doubt! from what i have read you have faced much larger steps.

  3. Great Blog Nikea...you're an inspiring writer! See you soon..